Walnut Grove

A Family Centered Subdivision in Knoxville, Tennessee

Established in 1997, our West Knox neighborhood is comprised of 171 homes and is zoned for Farragut Schools.


Please review the Restrictive Covenants of WG before making any changes, additions or repairs to be certain they conform to the covenants (including mailboxes).

As a resident of WG you are under constructive notice to abide by ALL of the Restrictive Covenants.

They can be found under the WGHA tab at the top of this page.

Contact the HOA Board with any questions and or approvals. 

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If you need a new replacement mailbox conforming to the Restrictive Covenants, then click here


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We are a 1 Gig area

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Neighborhood Website

Welcome to our neighborhood website.  There are many new features that will help everyone to communicate better.  Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the site.  You may use the forum to post suggestions.  Security to the site allows only neighborhood members to go beyond the home page.  Please click on the sign up box to verify membership.

January Newsletter

The pool is scheduled to be opened to coincide with the last day of school for Knox County Public Schools.

There has been serious issue at the school bus stop the week of February 1.  Two vehicles sped through the intersection when the school bus had its lights flashing, the STOP sign extended and children were boarding the bus.  This irresponsible driving by either one of these   vehicles could have led to one or both of them hitting and injuring a child as they were boarding the bus.  It is against state law to pass a stopped school bus when its lights are flashing and the STOP sign extended when loading or unloading children.  Some of you may have noticed the presence of KCSO deputies watching the intersection recently.  There will be a sign installed advising drivers of the state law.  We hope to have KCSO here periodically to monitor the intersection during pick up in the morning.

Elections will be held this year for positions on the Executive Board.  The positions on the  ballot this spring will be for the offices of President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary and the second Director-at-Large. Anybody interested in these offices please contact the corresponding secretary to request a statement of candidacy form to complete and return for consideration or you may obtain it under the WGHA tab in downloadable forms.

Please be advised there is NO OVERNIGHT STREET PARKING allowed  in Walnut Grove.  The streets in WG are too narrow for parking on bothsides of the street and provide enough room for emergency vehicles to pass between them in an emergency.  Please let us know if you see this problem.  

There will be a new sign posted at the entrance to WG prohibiting soliciting in Walnut Grove in attempt to limit these events from becoming a common occurrence.  Anyone who does solicit in WG must be listed with the Knox County Sheriffs Office in advance.

The annual Walnut Grove assessment will be mailed out in March and are due and payable April 1, 2016.  The assessment is due no later than May 1, 2016.  Dues received after May 1, 2016 will be assessed  additional late fees in accordance with the By-Laws of Walnut Grove. Any homeowner who has not paid the annual assessment will have their access FOB to the pool deactivated until paid.


WGHOA would like to recognize the efforts of Barry and Greta Golden for their consistent efforts to make every Saturday Earth Day in WG.  Each weekend the two of them take it upon themselves to remove litter from the streets and entrance of WG.  Many thanks to both of you!


America's Most Affordable

Cities In 2015

MAR 12, 2015 FORBES 

Every day in coastal hot spots like San Francisco, New York, and Boston, it seems the news on housing costs is just abysmal. Professionals in these areas may earn higher paychecks, but many struggle with high rents—and for many, buying a house seems like an impossible dream. But in a host of Midwestern and Southern cities, the economic realities are a lot more palatable.

Take greater Birmingham, Ala. The median family income of $61,000 might be lower than the national average ($63,900), but prices for just about everything are lower there, too. During the fourth quarter of 2014 the median sales price for a home was $130,000, and about 81.5% of homes were affordable to families bringing in the area’s median pay. Paychecks stretch further all around: groceries cost about 5.4% less in Birmingham than the national average, transportation about 13.2%, and health care 16.6%.

Birmingham may not have Los Angeles’ beaches, but it probably has happier drivers, given that the average commute time by car is a mere 24 minutes, according to Brian Hilson, president of the Birmingham Business Alliance. The metro has a strong medical research industry centered at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the Southern Research Institute, and some 70 foreign companies, including Mercedes Benz and Honda, have facilities in and around Birmingham. “You get a lot for your money to live and work and do business in Birmingham,” says Hilson. We agree–Birmingham lands the No. 1 spot on our 2015 list of America’s Most Affordable Cities.  See what city  is #2



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Who can pass up free advertising? Let everyone know if you offer a service such as babysitting, mowing lawns, etc...

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WGHA Board

Walnut Grove
Homeowner's Association

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